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{Today I’m 29…}

Today, I’m 29…but tomorrow I will be 30. In my early 20’s, like every good 20 something I looked at 30 year olds as ancient and irrelevant. I actually remember back in 2006 we celebrated the 30th birthday of one of my high school leaders at the time. I was 21 at the time and […]

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{A Little Midweek Leadership Lesson from Saul}

    I love studying leadership. In fact my degree is in leadership. One of the toughest things about leadership is making tough, unpopular decisions. At the beginning of the Catalyst Podcast you can hear Andy Stanley say, “Leadership is a stewardship, it is temporary, and you’re accountable.” As leaders we are accountable for the […]

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{Full-Time Ministry Part 2}

One of the biggest longings in the heart of every human is a desire for purpose. We want to matter. We want our lives to not just be a blip on the radar of history. I  happen to believe that every follower of Christ has been endowed with a great sense of purpose. Our purpose […]

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{Full-Time Ministry}

Recently I got an email from WordPress, who I use to host my blog, telling me that, it was, yet again time to renew. I figured since it was time to renew I had better get back in the game of writing. So, here is the first of hopefully many consistent posts… Most of you […]

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What’s Your Mickey Mouse?

Adversity. I hate it. I would love to have things go smoothly and exactly as I want them to go. I want everyone to be on board with my ideas and I really would like to have no pushback. A large majority of us live crippled by the fear of adversity because adversity means somebody […]

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